30 years in the making...

Professor jeff joslin's story

the first wave of Bjj in canada

I began Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 1994. Back then there wasn't a single Brazilian Jiu-Jiu-Jitsu instructor in Canada and unfortunately very few could be found in the United States. A handful of us Canadians were forced to learn the art the hard way, through video taped instruction, seminars, magazines and an enormous amount of trial and error on the mats. It was tough but if you do BJJ you know how addictive and amazing the art truly is.

Once instructors started to arrive the in U.S.A I began traveling and training at various BJJ gyms until I found a home training with my instructor Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti. Under Master Cavalcanti I proudly earned my white, blue, purple, brown and black belts.

After winning Gold at the 2002 IBJJF Pan-American championship I felt it was time to make the jump into Professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). After 4 years of fighting as a pro, another of my dreams came true when I signed a 3-fight contract with the world's top organization, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships). I made my UFC debut in December, 2006 against Josh Koscheck at UFC Fight Night 7.

Unfortunately I sustained an serious injury during training and was forced to retire from professional fighting at age 32, a month before my 2nd UFC fight. After a tough adjustment period I re-focused my energy on becoming the best instructor/gym owner I could be with the goal growing my school and creating a future BJJ association here in Canada. An association that would help other school owners and myself continue to grow as a martial artists, business owners and people.

I'm proud to say that the Northern Vanguard Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association is now here. I look forward to working hard, training hard and sharing ideas and experiences with all you who would like to be of part of it.

See you on the mats!

Our mission

enhance our brazilian journeys

I created the Northern Vanguard BJJ Association to enhance every members Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey -including my own. I absolutely love the art of BJJ. It's the process of continual learning that keeps me motivated to step onto the mats every day. Even after 30+ years of training it still feels like day one to me in terms of my excitement to practice. I spend a lot of time studying new techniques, teaching methods and other BJJ related stuff to make myself a better martial artist every day.

I'm certain that so many other BJJ / Martial Arts school owners --and future school owners-- feel the exact same way that I do. I know that the NVG will attract that type of community and I look forward to sharing what I've learned --throughout my lifetime in martial arts-- with our team members. I also know that I will learn a lot during the process as well.

If you like to talk with me about potentially becoming part of our NVG association, contact me anytime via email or phone. I'd love to talk BJJ with you.

Jeff Joslin

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